Monday, August 16, 2010

The Birth Stories Part I

Now what would a 'Mama' blog be without those Crazy, silly, sad, beautiful and breath taking Birth stories ya'll love to sink your eyes into right? Right!
Well I'd love to share mine! uh hmm ok, bear with me here whilst I get my tooshie comfy on the cushie and one last sip of my cuppa...

Ok so, we are going to backtrack here about 2 1/2 years ago for the birth of that free spirited angel we named to be Lillian...

Pregnancy was amazing, actually it went that quick, my first scan was my 19wk'er everything was normal. EDD was to be 20th April 2008!, Sex was unknown!

Saturday 13th April 2008 I was in some sort of weirdo back pain.Ignored it.Got worse. So i track on down to mums, she convinces me to go and just atleast get checked out so, Todd and I make tracks to the hospital.
"4cm dilated" Doctor says, I ask " so what about these pains in my back ect?"
Doctor:: " Just your body getting ready, you could go anytime up to a week!"

Sunday 14th 5pm, I'm in alot more pain and just vomited in my mothers garden (classy i know right!?) pains were getting a little stronger, but to me it was no different to what i was feeling before? I was confused and so frustrated that i was really trying to listen to my body and gauge everything but really, i had no idea. So mum tries to convice me yet again to go in and just get them to check everything out.

Well, I refused, Sarcasm  "Just my body getting ready mum!" geeesh... so we call instead, yes we are told to come in dont be so 'silly'!
Arrived at 6pm, everything still the 'same' Membranes still intact, No show, So of course I was still in disbelief that this could not by any way shape or form be 'it'.
I took a walk up and down up and down up and down up and down those stairs hoping to hurry things along.... when after about 15 mins of doing so BAM I had a show! Woooo hooo this IS it!
Contractions were a fair way apart still, still managable , I was offered drugs the whole time but i was determined to keep it al'natural, hence my high pain threshold.

It was now 7:30 pm and i was just getting 'over' it, over the waiting of the membranes to pop break, so my midwife breaks them... 5 mins later BAM those contractions were high and few moments in between OUCHY! I was offered more drugs but still, I could handle it.

11:40 pm Todd was watching TV, mum was also! Midwives were doing changeover, everything so blar-zay, I looked over at mum and said "I feel like I need to push" I have never seen some one jump out of that chair so quick "quick Todd quick, get the midwife!" she shouts across the bloomin room! 2 come running in! thats it i was pushin! what felt like forever was a pretty quick 23 mins! "Its a -a-a Its a boy, no wait, ITS A GIRL! Damn cord haha, 12:08 am she was placed on my chest, pretty standard procedure but, WOW! It sent me into another place, another world, another feeling, it literally was like I was floating on cloud 9, who needs drugs through out when you get the ultimate high afterwards, which erases all those pains.

We were put on ward by 2am and Lillian was put straight to the breast,Lillian 'took' to it without any struggle, much to my blessing! and there we lay, the proud mama of our precious Lillian Charlotte.
My heart is now too big for my body.

May the Adventures start, and the happiness never end!

Skye XxX

Sunday, August 15, 2010

All things Girly ...

So, here's what i love 'All things Girly'!! its no secret, really! so, naturally when time comes for Fab home deco, (yet, another LOVE of mine) im jumping at the opportunity to get my baby girls room all in touch with her ever-so-quickly growing girly tune! yes! this means lots and lots of pink,white, rainbows, butterflies, fairies, wands, sparkley's, basically, 'All things girly' ,here is a photo of the 'little' things that really make this room 'the' room... im almost done, and i sit on her bed gasping in the smells, the smells of that new paint and those fresh made cupboards and that new linen, and I'm gobsmacked, I'm teary, I'm sad, I'm happy, I'm excited  ...Why? because, well because it means her baby days are passing us by now, and she is entering a new profound,  Big girl realm, and you know what? Its Amazing, and she is so good at it!! happy days ahead!! stay tuned for the finished photo :)

 ... And sometimes, just sometimes a little touch of Fairy magic is all that is needed ....

...And coming together :)

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”


I will use the word 'Love' throughout my blogging, I just feel it creates the atmosphere of positive attitude and thinking.
It creates a hopeful state of mind. Being positive is not about being unrealistic, it is about recognizing that bad things can happen to pessimists and optimists alike - however it is the positive thinkers who choose to focus on the hope and opportunity available in every situation... therefore bringing happier and healthier and more satisfying relationships. This is a very powerful word ....

Sunday's Adventures...

"We find delight in the beauty and happiness of children that makes the heart too big for the body" - Unknown

So today I wake up surrounded by my bundles and greeted with smootchies  kisses, and snuggles cuddles day is already heading into fabulous adventure's.

What a great way to spend it by soaking up this surreal Sunshine, soothing breezes and smiles that melt me to a puddle, I truly relish these moments of love.
I would love to share,also these moments with u all...

                                 "Perfumes are the feelings of flowers"

So, here she sit, soaking up that fabulous sunshine we have been getting teased with, and enjoying her cupcake moment because, she can ....

A sheer glimpse of summer shows it self, a summer we are for ever so waiting for, the summer that brings us 'those' moments at the beach, that brings those icy poles and tea parties by the pool, where the smell of sunscreen sends me into a daze, a daze of fresh cut fruit, picnic baskets, cherished moments spent on the sand and those oh so cute giggles laughter and snuggles cuddles rolling around in these bliss moments.... 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Fairy Play

"And as the season come and go, here's something you might like to know... there are fairies everywhere under bushes, in the air, playing games just like you play, singing through their busy day. So listen, touch, and look around in the air and on the ground. And if you watch all natures things, you might just see a fairy wing"

It all starts here...

So, it all begins here... I will take all you readers on a journey through the lives and happenings of our awesome foursome...
I have so much to share, but i sit here in an eager attempt to just fill your heads with the fast pace of thoughts that are for ever flowing out of me, but, where to start?

First of all i will start out by saying im so excited to have come across this blog spot, reading the words of very talented bloggers out there, it really has the desire to inspire so, i decided i will jump on this bandwagon too!

I look forward to sharing breathtaking images, yumolicious recipes, day-to-day life, hot topics, favourite things and quotes, discussion boards, hot facts and advice, funny stories and fantastic happenings... basically, The story of my life...... 

This ever so aspiring, talented, free spirit beauty has taught me there is a whole other chapter to life... She has taught me sad, happy, joy, patience and most importantly 'love'
My blossoming artist, holds the traits to become whoever she wants to be, she truly is, my HERO