Saturday, August 7, 2010

It all starts here...

So, it all begins here... I will take all you readers on a journey through the lives and happenings of our awesome foursome...
I have so much to share, but i sit here in an eager attempt to just fill your heads with the fast pace of thoughts that are for ever flowing out of me, but, where to start?

First of all i will start out by saying im so excited to have come across this blog spot, reading the words of very talented bloggers out there, it really has the desire to inspire so, i decided i will jump on this bandwagon too!

I look forward to sharing breathtaking images, yumolicious recipes, day-to-day life, hot topics, favourite things and quotes, discussion boards, hot facts and advice, funny stories and fantastic happenings... basically, The story of my life...... 

This ever so aspiring, talented, free spirit beauty has taught me there is a whole other chapter to life... She has taught me sad, happy, joy, patience and most importantly 'love'
My blossoming artist, holds the traits to become whoever she wants to be, she truly is, my HERO


  1. Isn't amazing how there is so much amazing inspiration out there, blogs, people, etc... and yet we have this, many time untapped, beautiful resource of inspiration at home... our children!! This is a lovely post!


  2. Loving your blog honey, get some birth stories up here after reading your comment on my post this morning Id love to hear how your children entered the world. your photography is amazing as always.