Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Little Lillian

Little Lillian is made of daisies and butterflies and soft kitty cat purrs
And all the precious memories of times that once were.

Little Lillian is made of angel's wings and giggles and a firefly's glow
And all the happy feelings, deep inside, that we all know.

Little Lillian is made of cinnamon and bubbles and fancy white pearls
And snowflakes and rainbows and ballerina twirls.

Little Lillian is made of sunshine and cupcakes and fresh morning dew,
And these are the reasons, little one, why everyone loves you.


Friday, September 24, 2010

Just Because...

Because It's the weekend, Because of our love for books, Because he is so good at it, Because it's just those moments, Because laughter fills our house and Because laughter makes us feel so damn good, Because I cherish him.

Because who doesnt love face painting, Because it's Butterflies & Fairies, Because she can, Because she is so darn cute, Because she cant get enough of the bubbles, and Because I love her.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Sunday Citar!

Welcome to Sunday Citar! This blog quote meme was created by Tabitha @ FreshMommy. You can stop by her blog to see the quotes and photos that she and everyone else is loving right now.

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Bailey's Christening

On Sunday we celebrated Bailey's Christening in the beautiful little town of Morpeth, Known to many many tourists.

Weather was great, To all that came to celebrate it with us we were so pleased and honoured to have had such great company!
A big thankyou to Gemma & Chris for taking on the honourable role as Godparents.
We all had a great time, our priest was just fantastic, full of laughter, smiles and a great sense of humour ... what more could we have asked for!?

It was a breif service but nonetheless detailed.
Bailey played the best part though, looking so cute!

My precious lil guy...

....and these precious moments make up the day!
Godmother, Gemma...

 Kasey & Bailey.. Just beautiful!

Snuggles with daddy...

My self and my perfect lil critter ...

A Cherished day!

Cherished moments

This Gorgeous Grub Girl just makes my day!
The pink, The outfit, The fact she did it all her self, Her eyes and that oh so precious voice that travels through the room in the happiest and most cheerful melody that sweeps me off my feet and sends me into the happiest daze.... " Do you like my pretties Mommy"?

 ...And this little guy... for being HIM.

His laughter fills the room with profound joy, His eyes fill the room with the brightest glare ... and his smile melts me to a giant puddle in the carpet beneath me, soaking me all in  ....
I sit here, watching and I truley cherish these inspiring precious gifts of ours.
I Love them to the stars and back!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Our Very Own Son

His laughter... sparkles like a splash of water in sunlight.
There is nobody else like him, he's unique - - this one. How fortunate we are that he is our son.
Sometimes, Just sometimes being a brother is even better than being a superhero!
Wrapped around my son with only the knowledge of the words of the world & a quiet remembrance of watching before this all began.
My Hero.

Friday, September 10, 2010

The Birth Stories Part II

This is quite the 'Birth Story' If I must say so myself.

So this was 2009 and I'm Pregnant second time round :) This was a hoot! we were so excited I was around 9 weeks when I started bleeding lightly and really thought nothing of it, until I made a visit to my midwife and being told to just 'wait' and 'see'  turned into my worst nightmare, Yes, I was miscarrying! How could this be? Is there something wrong with me? why oh why? We were Devastated, but what an understatement!

I was told to wait for another full cycle before we were able to try again.... So U guessed it! we Did! and it was a success!
I was very very weary from day 1 so when the 5-6 week came round and I started getting a really sharp pain in my left side, I was instantly on alert aarrrgh! I was a stressful mess.
This could have meant 2 things, An Ectopic Pregancy or 'Nothing to worry about'.

We made another trip to hospital, but being only around 5-6 weeks it was going to be difficult to get a heart beat let alone a sighting with the sonographer with just your 'standard' ultrasound.

However, what they could do was take my bloods and see whether or not my BHL (Blood Hormone Level) was rising, as in doubling even. These had to take place every 2 days as it should double every 2 days , So those 2 days go by and Im straight on the EPAS (Early Pregnancy Assessment) by 8am.

Oh yeah I was keen as mustard to know....... GREAT NEWS your BHL is rising, not doubling but rising.... Okaaaay, So now what?
The Doctor, Whom I trusted with my life, pushed and poked my stomach again with that 'hmmm' face that makes it more intense, and my 'ouchy' Face. He insists we wait another 2 days for the BHL, as its "too early and very hard to tell unless we have those figures".

G-reat! So we meet again, The BHL has rised again but not doubled, He assured me that this can be normal, as long as its not decreasing we are happy!
To keep a close eye on me, as an Ectopic (possibly) can be dangerous they keep me in, I was really disappointed at this stage as I was put on maternity ward with other mothers that had just given birth and babies, babies EVERYWHERE ,Could this be anymore in my face!? It was quite the rollercoaster but I was blessed with 2 great Midwives whom I adored and will never forget, Whom made me feel welcome, Whom were oh so cautious of my feelings they were, true Gems!

The Doctor booked me in for an internal ultrasound! It will give a much closer look , even if they can just see a sack.
There I lay, Petrified not wanting to look, but really really wanting to look, and not wanting to listen then really really wanting to listen to even asking questions non- stop, I think its safe to say i was a wreck.. Just gimmie those damn results!!!
I'm laying there with a million thoughts racing through my over pumped brain, trying to block out the "hmmm's" and just repeating over and over in my head please please please please Only listening to this and the sound of the Sonographers keyboard.
Then Suddenly " ok GREAT news, If this doesnt make you smile then I dont know what will!"
" We found the sack!" Ready to listen to the hearbeat!" Baboom Baboom Baboom At a hundred miles an hour! SAY WHAT!!???? Wow this has made my DAY, my WEEK my MONTH my YEAR! 126 BPM .... "You have a healthy baby"!

So the pain in my left? Well upon doing the ultrasound they came across as cist that had bursted near my left ovary, but, Its fine I'm assured this is ok, it does its own thing and you'll be fine!

The whole pregnancy just flew by like a rocket.
It came time for my 19 weeker ultrasound and something, Just something came over me to want to find out my baby's sex, whether it was another security thing to reassure me this 'was' real I dont know. My partner was at work this day which was really a big thing to me, seeing as though he was there through out Lillian's and everyday with me at the hospital for this one, but my Mother, Whom had been there for me, also the whole time accompanied me for this.
Laying there again took me back to those awful first few weeks, I was scared and Nervous and Excited all at the same time, but, He assures me its 'all' good! EDD 5 June 2010.

I requested that when time came round pronouncing the sex I call my Partner, Who was also very nervous awaiting this phone call.
Todd's on loud speaker and I just couldnt wipe the smile off my face ... waiting... waiting ok "The cord is in the way, hang on just lay on your side for a moment"
" Oh hahaha now the legs are crossed" Hmmm "oh wait here we go, snap (photo on screen) "Congratulations guys its a BOY"! Todd was histerics "yeeeehaaaaa" he shouts out of the phone speaker ,the sonographer looks at me and laughs Todd was over moon "A boy? A boy really? 100 Percent"? Todd asks " 110 Percent" Says the sonographer, the sonographer showed me the sheer glimpse of the 'little thingy' haha yes, yes its a boy! I was beside my self, I have a healthy baby Boy! How awesome!

It came to be 33 weeks, I was having my usual check-up appointments with my lovely midwife, Jo, When we do the usual, and feel which way bubs head was, cheeky thing was breech.
This I hadnt really heard much of, so, Again I was alarmed and Jo assured me I shouldnt be alarmed as they can turn at any time and we would start 'talking' about it when I hit 36 weeks as its expected by then. We discussed a pamphlet explaining what it is and what can happen, Turning of the baby or delivering breech. I had a few decisions to make by my next appointment as this was when they needed to do something.
Again I went home worried worried worried and those questions circling my head again 'why me'? is there something wrong with my baby?  arrrgh

My appointment fell on the 35 week mark and yes, bub was still Breech head near my ribs. Oh great.
But I knew this as everyday for the past 2 weeks since my last appointment I was feeling my stomach.
I had made my mind to have him 'turned'. Jo says just to wait until we are closer to the EDD.
We booked in to have him turned Tuesday 11.05.2010, then see how we go.

Mothers day came round 09.05.2010 and I enjoyed a fantastic lunch put on by Todd's Lovely Grandmother, Sue at her beautiful place! It was great, we had a great time sharing birth stories and discussing the 'breech' term and how worried I was.

Well 10.05.2010 It was 4 am I was having dull pains coming and going really painful, I ignored it but it was just too intense.
I hoped into the shower to take the edge off, Todd came into me "are you ok babe?"
"No" I say "I think this is it, its gotta be" its so intense Todd races to get the phone and insistes i call the hospital. I spoke to the midwife and she said to come in straigt away.
It was all so confusing again as, like my first pregnancy, I hadnt yet had a 'show' or broke my 'waters' but these were contractions, I was sure of it and to intensify it all they were only a couple of minutes apart. My whole family have had quick labours, so I was well aware i need to get my butt into gear.
We pack the car, pile in the car Lillians sleepy eyes and half a smile says "love you mummy" love you daddy" and away we go.

When we arrive  around 5am there was a little confusion as I was booked into have my baby turned only the next day!? and this Hospital does not 'do' breech births.
we are rushed into a room all monitors hooked up, baby heartbeat, fine. meanwhile Im just blown away this couldn't be happening 4 weeks early???

Midwife does a quick diagnoses of my Dilation, "wow" she says "5 cm, this is it darlin" OH MY GOD all of a sudden im swarmed by doctors and surgeons ripping my nail polish off, reading me my rights, getting me ready for a Cesarean.
With in the 25 mins of rushing me up stairs for the Epidural in time I was soon put on the operating table and being told wow, that was lucky I had dilated to 9.5 cm ...close call.
Im numb everywhere, there are about 6 people on me curtains are up, bright lights everwhere and my partner, My best friend, Todd at my side the whole time I also had a Doctor on my other side keeping 'company' and explaining the 'scary' process.
It all went so fast to me, If felt like 15 minutes but I think we were actually there for a good hour or so, Bailey was put up over the curtain and we were able to give him a cuddle. He was rushed off somewhere, I was moved on to Recovery.

On the way down We went to visit my Baby in (to me) a scary sterile place, The Baby Nursery. Todd explained to me that he was a little purple when he came out, but this can also be normal with the C-section process AND he IS 4 weeks early.

It took me 2 hours or so in recovery for the Epidural to where off, then I was aloud to be put on ward.I arrive to my bed. Where is my baby?
All I imagined was like Lillian's birth, to be in my bed breastfeeding and cuddling my bundle.
Due to the Cesarean I was on strict bedrest, atleast until the next morning. I recovered fine a tiny scar and a little sore but feeling great!now, ... Where is my baby?
Well, to my horror I wasn't aloud to pick him up let alone breastfeed him, I walked into the nursery where I was shown he'd be staying until EDD, 4 weeks!!???? I bursted I was sooo upset It felt like punishment.

I felt so distant, I felt angry and weak.
The nurses there were a mixed bag some were good, some were ok, some were out right rude and VERY inconsiderate.
He was in their to monitor feeds and weight gain, nothing is wrong with him just standard 'premmie' procedure, but still I couldn't take it I was so down, everyday, Praying just to take him home I couldn't handle a month I really couldn't.
Other mothers in there were lovely and this was where I was everyday.
Seeing Some mothers Come and go was very hard It was also hard to see my Wonderful Partner,Todd and my oh so Precious Lillian Come and go, It was the hardest thing I have ever had to do but even harder on Todd and Lillian to go home to an empty house, they made sure they spent every last minute up until visiting time was over even a little longer and bringing me some naughty 'Hungry Jacks'.
The hours felt like days, The days felt like weeks, basically the main aim was steady weight gain on full breast = Home. This felt like it would be a lifetime away at this rate, as my Bailey was still on tube feeds through his nose

It wasnt until midweek I was able to breast feed, In the mean time I had been expressing to get my supply coming in. I was happier alot happier, he 'took' to the breast with out a fuss and so this continued every 2nd feed. We were even able to bath him! woo hooo hehe

He started to feel like 'my' baby.
By thursday he was on full breast so I was up to him every 3 hours going to and fro the nursery to the ward. On this particular night around 9pm I was called over for his feed and to my surprise my favourite midwife was on, knowing it was going to be her and I all night, also knowing that tomorrow was going to be the big weigh in for us she came prepared, Lollies, chips, drinks and movies  to get my mind off it , we even did a little sneak weigh in ...My week here just got a whole lot better I hadnt felt this relaxed and 'myself' in a while. So we did we started with an old western, I loved it we shared fantales and chiccos and I sipped on some lemonade this continued into all hours of the morning I had a ball, I couldnt wait to tell Todd what a great night I'd had.
The next morning being friday the Doctors were doing there rounds when at last it was our turn to weigh in ...Yahooooooo He had put on 200grams! even though I spent that night knowing and soooo excited.... but just to hear it officially, it had me jumping for joy! "ready to take this boy home?" he asks " you betchya!" with tears rolling down my face.
It was then when an evil midwife came over and insisted that he was not ready to be taken home due to his Jaundice!?? Excuse me? You're questioning this Doctors Opinion? okaaaaaay!

My heart falls to the ground and splats all over the place. It may have even came to a hault.

To our relief the Doctor stands by his Diagnoses, he's Pooing and weeing the right colour We can go home! Phhhewwww!

So we pack everything up I could barley zip the nappy bag my hands were still shaking.
Mum arrives relieved of our great news and we head home. Our very own son.

Her very own Brother.

This Boy will never outgrow our hearts..


And as they continue to grow our hearts do too...

We truley cherish our children...

With moments like these...

Cherish the little things, Afterall it's what life is all about. xxx

Has Spring Sprung?

Today we are showed yet another sheer glimpse of Spring and I'm excited.
I have a little short story for you, or maybe you may like to read it to your Lil' Critters? I know my lil Princess just loved it!

There were once three little butterfly brothers, one white, one red, and one yellow. They played in the sunshine, and danced among the flowers in the garden, and they never grew tired because they were so happy.

One day there came a heavy rain, and it wet their wings. They flew away home, but when they got there they found the door locked and the key gone. So they had to stay out of doors in the rain, and they grew wetter and wetter.
By and by they flew to the red and yellow striped tulip, and said, "Friend Tulip, will you open your flower-cup and let us in till the storm is over?"
The tulip answered, "The red and yellow butterflies may enter, because they are like me, but the white one may not come in."
But the red and yellow butterflies said, "If our white brother may not find shelter in your flowercup, why, then, we'll stay outside in the rain with him.''
It rained harder and harder, and the poor little butterflies grew wetter and wetter, so they flew to the white lily and said, "Good Lily, will you open your bud a little so we may creep in out of the rain?''
The lily answered: "The white butterfly may come in, because he is like me, but the red and yellow ones must stay outside in the storm.''
Then the little white butterfly said, "If you won't receive my red and yellow brothers, why, then, I'll stay out in the rain with them. We would rather be wet than be parted.''
So the three little butterfiies flew away.

But the sun, who was behind a cloud, heard it all, and he knew what good little brothers the butterflies were, and how they had held together in spite of the wet. So he pushed his face through the clouds, and chased away the rain, and shone brightly on the garden.
He dried the wings of the three little butterflies, and warmed their bodies. They ceased to sorrow, and danced among the flowers till evening, then they flew away home, and found the door wide open...

Cute huh!?

... And my Little fresh bud herself, Lillian. Trying just trying to catch those Flutterby's!! 

Still trying..

... Maybe just offering some cake may do the trick!?

... Deciding to take the more subtle approach and 'blend in' 

Remember, Cherish the little things! :) Its what life is all about!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fruit N' Veg ...

Today we were spoilt with raging sunshine, the mass fields of flower beds, Bright and cheerful colours, colours of the rainbow, Colours that make me smile and award me with Butterfly's, the kind where they fill my stomach and dont stop flappin'! but also the kind that float and flicker infront of our very own eyes, The kind that take my Free spirited Butterfly her self , Lillian away into the fields with endless giggles and "look Mummy, Look!" "Its pretties mummy, it's pretties"! Those moments make my day.  Spring has arrived!

Today we decided we would go and get our fix of fresh Fruit N' Veg! But this wasn't going to be a trip to the local store, This was a road trip, a road trip out back into the organic farms I have longed to visit.
We all  click our self in the car, and away we go... on our way with no clue of direction other then its North of our home, I didnt care I was to preoccupied with the Breath taking views endless, endless roads that wind and whirl and go up up up the hill and way down the hero of this road trip was to be, The road trip! How fun!

There were countless 'wrong turns' but these wrong turns lead us into the most subtle tranquil places I am so greatful to have stumbled on, These places were going to be a new 'picnic' spot or 'swim' hole or the obvious, another Road trippin journey! afterall ... why not!?

Here are some snaps we'd love to share!

The noise or should I say silence that lingered here with only the sound of the car runnin' was really somethin'!

After 2.5 hours of road trippin lovin We had reached our destination!!!  Johnsons Farmgate,  The most Freshest of Fresh fruit imaginable... here in this lil' hut we spoiled ourselves with Apples, Oranges, bananas, Stawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries. Pinapple, fresh eggs and milk straight from the farm it self ooohh it was countless, we had a blast! ... We LOVED it! and would do it again tomorrow! ... but right now,  I have 2 lil' hungry mouths and 2 lil' sets of sleepy eyes that need their bed rest! an Adventure I will cherish.

On the way home I got some snaps of the country side...

and a little closer to home...

I would love to hear some of your 'Road Trippin' Adventures! Where did you go? What Beauties did you get out of it? and How long was your Journey? was there a purpose? or just coz'?

Have a great day! Cherish EVERYTHING! xxx