Sunday, August 15, 2010

All things Girly ...

So, here's what i love 'All things Girly'!! its no secret, really! so, naturally when time comes for Fab home deco, (yet, another LOVE of mine) im jumping at the opportunity to get my baby girls room all in touch with her ever-so-quickly growing girly tune! yes! this means lots and lots of pink,white, rainbows, butterflies, fairies, wands, sparkley's, basically, 'All things girly' ,here is a photo of the 'little' things that really make this room 'the' room... im almost done, and i sit on her bed gasping in the smells, the smells of that new paint and those fresh made cupboards and that new linen, and I'm gobsmacked, I'm teary, I'm sad, I'm happy, I'm excited  ...Why? because, well because it means her baby days are passing us by now, and she is entering a new profound,  Big girl realm, and you know what? Its Amazing, and she is so good at it!! happy days ahead!! stay tuned for the finished photo :)

 ... And sometimes, just sometimes a little touch of Fairy magic is all that is needed ....

...And coming together :)

“To achieve great things, two things are needed; a plan, and not quite enough time.”

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  1. Wow. Would you like to come over to my place & decorate my daughters room.