Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Fruit N' Veg ...

Today we were spoilt with raging sunshine, the mass fields of flower beds, Bright and cheerful colours, colours of the rainbow, Colours that make me smile and award me with Butterfly's, the kind where they fill my stomach and dont stop flappin'! but also the kind that float and flicker infront of our very own eyes, The kind that take my Free spirited Butterfly her self , Lillian away into the fields with endless giggles and "look Mummy, Look!" "Its pretties mummy, it's pretties"! Those moments make my day.  Spring has arrived!

Today we decided we would go and get our fix of fresh Fruit N' Veg! But this wasn't going to be a trip to the local store, This was a road trip, a road trip out back into the organic farms I have longed to visit.
We all  click our self in the car, and away we go... on our way with no clue of direction other then its North of our home, I didnt care I was to preoccupied with the Breath taking views endless, endless roads that wind and whirl and go up up up the hill and way down the hero of this road trip was to be, The road trip! How fun!

There were countless 'wrong turns' but these wrong turns lead us into the most subtle tranquil places I am so greatful to have stumbled on, These places were going to be a new 'picnic' spot or 'swim' hole or the obvious, another Road trippin journey! afterall ... why not!?

Here are some snaps we'd love to share!

The noise or should I say silence that lingered here with only the sound of the car runnin' was really somethin'!

After 2.5 hours of road trippin lovin We had reached our destination!!!  Johnsons Farmgate,  The most Freshest of Fresh fruit imaginable... here in this lil' hut we spoiled ourselves with Apples, Oranges, bananas, Stawberries, Blueberries, Raspberries. Pinapple, fresh eggs and milk straight from the farm it self ooohh it was countless, we had a blast! ... We LOVED it! and would do it again tomorrow! ... but right now,  I have 2 lil' hungry mouths and 2 lil' sets of sleepy eyes that need their bed rest! an Adventure I will cherish.

On the way home I got some snaps of the country side...

and a little closer to home...

I would love to hear some of your 'Road Trippin' Adventures! Where did you go? What Beauties did you get out of it? and How long was your Journey? was there a purpose? or just coz'?

Have a great day! Cherish EVERYTHING! xxx


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