Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Changes and Charts...

....and so she continues to grow and learn and explore and fill her sweet little soul of love, saftey and warmth, but her 'rechargable battery (never -ever- run -out) -brain has an eager love for reading and a will to really really want to learn about anything and everything..... this is what I love about her, knowledge is such a powerful tool through out life.

Going through milestones can be fun and exciting and frustrating and sad, and breath taking, they bring out every emotion, even ones we never knew we had!

My little grub is 2 and a half and quite the miss independant, and so so advanced in her milestones it takes my breath! I mean it literally takes my breath, leaves me standing here gasping for air!! she is a  little sponge and soaks everything in!
Im so proud of her! 

As every part of her continues to grow and acheive I want to be there to reward the good and keep that forever-striving attitude alive as long as it takes ... so this month I was inspired to do a behaviour chart over @ 
Here you could be inspired too!
Such a great Idea!

So we started today and took a trip into town, here we got some cardboard, Paints, new brushes and she had to have 'that' apron dangling down in that willow window... and so she did.

We had so much fun and the outcome was her own perfect masterpeice and a "good girl" chart.

We just drew up a chart .. nothing fancy but I did grab the idea from here @
Also credit to Freshmommy!

If you have done or considering doing this how did it go for you?

Cherish their Milestones! :) xo

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